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WooCommerce Subscription Report by WooPro

WooCommerce Subscription Report by WooPro.

Introducing WooCommerce Subscription Report plug-in in keeping with WooThemes Subscription Plugin which Shows more than a few experiences for WooCommerce Subscription based totally website.

Comprehensive options in WooCommerce Subscription Report are as follows:

  1. Dashboard Various Subscription Summary
  2. (Active Subscriber Count, Active Subscription Count, Paid Signup Count, Total Free Trial Signup Count, Total Paid Subscriber Count, Total Cancellations Count, Total Revenue, New loose trial Signup depend, New Paid Subscriber Count, New Cancellations Count, Current Month Recurring Revenue, Annual Run Rate, Average Revenue according to Paid User (ARPPU), Total Refunded Amount)

  3. Subscriptions Due
  4. This phase shows subscription depend which will likely be expiring in subsequent n days.

  5. Subscriptions Expired
  6. This phase shows subscription counts that are expired in closing n days.

  7. Renewals Due
  8. This phase shows subscription renewal abstract by upcoming n days.

  9. Renewals Overdue
  10. This phase shows subscription renewal abstract in closing n days.

  11. Subscription renewals due document
  12. Subscription Expire document
  13. Renewal Fund Flow
  14. Reports may also be exported to CSV and Excel

Plugin is suitable with WooCommerce three.1.1, WooThemes Subscription Plugin Version 2.2.eight+ and is examined on WordPress four.eight model.


Please refer “Subscription Report Understanding Document” from woocommerce-subscription-report/documentation/subscription Report UD.docx


Version 1.zero Release Sep 04th, 2017

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