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WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin by extendons

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator Plugin by extendons.

WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator plugin permits you to automate product pricing with recognize to its dimension. You can promote variable sized merchandise in keeping with their dimensions, Area (Sqft), Volume and Weight. Perfect pricing answers for retailer promoting blinds, wallpapers, liquids, ground, and so on.

WooCommerce Pricing calculator permits you to promote product in line with the value by unit of dimension (Price in line with meter, foot, Sqft, Cubic backyard, Mile, Killometer, and so on). Instead of forcing buyer to shop for merchandise in fastened sizes or amount allow them to input their dimension and calculate the precise value in line with their enter.

Some Possibilities for Price Calculation

1. Sell Products By Length

Selling one dimensional merchandise reminiscent of materials, cables, ropes, pipes by meter, backyard, foot, inch and so on. Just configure the dimension unit and value in line with unit and this extension will do the remainder.


2. Product pricing by Weight

A really perfect answer for promoting merchandise by weight reminiscent of rice, sugar, fertilizers, and so on. All it’s important to do is choose a weight unit (gram, milligram, kg, Oz, lb, and ton), configure value in line with unit, and get started promoting merchandise by its weight. The plugin auto-calculates overall value.


three. Sell merchandise by Area (Sqft)

WooCommer Price Calculator Plugin permits you to promote merchandise with recognize to house. For instance, carpets, ground tiles, or land house. Configure a dimension unit (Sq mm, squaremeter, Sqft, Sqyd, and so on) and in line with unit unit value to get began.


four. Sell Liquids & Volume based totally Products

WooCommerce Measurement Price calculator turns out to be useful for the web shops promoting merchandise in liters, milliliters, gallons, cubic backyard, cubic meter and quantity gadgets. Additionally, you’ll arrange discounted costs for various measurements in quantity.

DEMO – For Liquid Products

DEMO – For Volume Based Products

five. Some More Examples:

  • Wallpapers bought in line with the room dimensions. DEMO
  • Land Sold by sq. meter – DEMO

Price Tables & Quatity based totally Discounts

With WooCommerce Price Calculator Plugin, you’ll create pricing desk for merchandise that displays a regular value in line with unit, and a reduced charge for a distinct dimension levels.

Define Measurement Ranges

Create dimension levels by coming into a beginning and finishing product measurement / amount. You can create as many levels as you wish to have to turn shoppers how costs would alternate in the event that they purchase in massive amounts

Set Normal Price & Sale for Each Range

Once you configure dimension levels you’ll set customary and sale value for each and every vary. The costs shall be displayed on entrance finish to encourage buyer to shop for in massive amounts to avail most cut price.

More Features of WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator:

  • Set customized labels for each and every enter box
  • Define dimension unit for each and every enter box
  • 6 default modes of value calculation

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