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WooCommerce API Product Synchronization by smgom7

WooTrade API Product Synchronization by smgom7.

About this Plugin

A super resolution for multisite WooTrade installations or separate WooTrade stores (for instance one for vendors and one for finish customers). The WooTrade Product Synchronisation plugin permits you to synchronize the goods throughout a couple of WooTrade websites. All Product information is synchronised.
Plugin works on core wordpress leisure API and makes use of WooTrade API keys for authenticating API requests.


  • Sync all product information like title, description , costs, sku and stock
  • Product classes also are synced with similar hierarchy
  • Product tags are synced
  • Product primary photographs and gallery photographs are synced
  • Data is up to date on vacation spot retailer when product is added/up to date by admin at the supply retailer
  • Every error in API is reported in a log document in addition to despatched to debugging e-mail

How to Configure?

Lets say you wish to have to sync product from Store A to Store B.Steps:
i) On retailer B, turn on woocommerce API and generate API keys. You will want client key and client secret.
ii) Now set up plugin on retailer A, pass to plugin settings web page “TM Woo API Link”.
iii) Configure API credentials on retailer A.

That’s all you wish to have 1503173408 895 contact framework html by insidelabdev - WooCommerce API Product Synchronization by smgom7 Your merchandise will have to get started syncing to the vacation spot retailer

Limitations :

i) Currently simplest easy merchandise are synced.
ii) Plugin calls for a legitimate SSL certificates on each the retail outlets.

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