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Who Was Eadric Streona?

In the times of Edmund Ironside, the title Eadric Streona assists in keeping doping up on the most crucial moments… and no longer in a contented method. It turns out that this slippery Mercian Earl should have had implausible powers of persuasion, as a result of he stored turning up regardless of how ceaselessly he modified facets. No one looked as if it would know whether or not he was once running as a undercover agent for Canute or as an marketing consultant to Edmund, and nobody looked as if it would perceive why the Saxon King may just consider him. Where did this guy come from?

Streona was once no longer the remaining title of Eadric of Mercia; reasonably, it was once a nickname which more or less interprets to “the Acquisitor”. He turned into Earl of Mercia in 1007, it seems that on account of homicide, or reasonably, doing King Aethelred’s grimy paintings whilst obtaining the lands of tax defaulters. He married the king’s daughter Eadgyth in 1009, which made him brother-in-law to Edmund Ironside.

In 1015, Eadric procured the homicide of Siferth and Morcar, two main thegns within the Danelaw. We can think that he did this for Aethelred, because the King confiscated their estates and ordered the arrest of Siferth’s widow. Following this episode, Edmund (no longer but Ironside), in defiance of his father, carried off the widow and made her his spouse. So Edmund turned into lord of the so-called Five Boroughs within the East Midlands, whilst Canute was once adversarial to the Danelaw on the time. Edmund and Eadric started elevating troops to combat Canute, however since Edmund had simply married the widow of the thegn Eadric had murdered, Streona was once quickly plotting to betray him. Within 4 months after Canute’s arrival in England, Eadric had sworn homage to the Danish leader in conjunction with 40 Mercian ships.

In 1016, Aethelred the Unready died and Edmund the Aetheling was once instantly elected King through the electorate of London. Unfortunately for him, Canute was once elected King through the Witan in Southampton, thus inflicting a catch 22 situation that wreaked havoc for the following seven months. London bravely withstood 3 sieges through Canute, and King Edmund did his easiest to attract the Danes clear of town. Eadric was once provide at each main combat, first on one facet then the opposite.

His first infamy was once on the Battle of Sherstone, fought at the border of Wessex and Mercia. Eadric sided with Canute, and on the second one day he smote off the top of a warrior who appeared like Edmund Ironside and held it as much as the King’s military, shouting that the King was once slain. The English wavered, about to take flight when Edmund tore off his personal helmet, exclaimed that he lived and threw a spear on the traitor. Unfortunately, the spear neglected Eadric and skewered somebody subsequent to him. The King’s military rallied however the day resulted in a draw.

The Danes went again to their ships, however Eadric returned to his brother-in-law and swore fealty to him. No one is aware of why, however Edmund took the Mercian Earl again into his prefer. The King levied a brand new military and intently pressed the Danes who have been at the run, however Eadric was once stated to have contrived to detain Edmund lengthy sufficient for the Danes to get better. Then, on the combat of Assandun, in command of his personal troops, Eadric unexpectedly grew to become tail and fled from the sector, inflicting nice slaughter.

For some explanation why, Eadric was once nonetheless in King Edmund’s self assurance, and after the defeat of Assandun controlled to influence the King to satisfy Canute in particular person. The two kings met on an island within the Severn and in the long run agreed to divide England between them, with the working out that every King was once the opposite’s inheritor. Poor Edmund didn’t continue to exist the 12 months; despite the fact that no accusation of foul play was once agreed upon through chroniclers, it was once idea through many who Eadric quietly did away with Edmund Ironside.

As for Eadric Streona, Canute’s henchman had outlived his usefulness. Although he had retained his Earldom of Mercia, Eadric is alleged to have anticipated extra rewards and upbraided Canute for his loss of appreciation. Some went as far as to state that Eadric claimed he killed Edmund for Canute, however I believe that is poetic license. Regardless, it’s sure that Canute had him killed on the Christmas Gemot. My favourite tale is that he had Earl Eric bring to a halt his head and throw it out the window into the Thames. How very suitable!

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