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What is the Difference Between Blogging and Facebooking?

There appears to be a large number of overlap between what you may placed on Facebook as opposed to what you may installed a weblog. They can each be private. They can each include your own stories and concepts, what you might be doing and what you have an interest in. In different phrases, they are able to each be like journals or diaries.

There are some evident variations in the objective at the back of every process, then again. Facebook is extra interactive and the target market is, neatly, your mates. With a weblog, the Web international is your possible target market, and your Facebook buddies would possibly by no means even learn about or learn your weblog. Your weblog will also be interactive as neatly, as readers can remark to your posts and you’ll reply. But once more, this interplay would most definitely be between you and a stranger quite than a chum. So there are, or will also be, two distinct audiences.

There could also be issues that you’d percentage with your mates on Facebook that you would not need your weblog target market to understand. On the different hand, you might have ideas or stories that you’re extra at ease sharing with strangers to your weblog than you may be sharing it along with your Facebook buddies.

Finally, your weblog will have to have a theme, a objective. People will have to have a selected explanation why for in need of to seek advice from and learn your weblog, whether or not it is informational, opinion, or selling trade. Your Facebook posts will also be random, mundane, spontaneous, it does not truly topic since you are not attempting to draw an target market – you might be interacting with buddies. So whilst there is the possible for overlap between Facebooking and running a blog, it can be best possible to attract obstacles and let your target market be your target market and let your mates be your mates.

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