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Turkish Draughts (Dama) with Admob by lipandes

Turkish Draughts (Dama) with Admob by lipandes.

Publish your personal Turkish Draughts sport for million of gamers all over the world. Desktop utility additionally to be had!


This is a Turkish variant of Draughts/Checkers (additionally know as Dama) performed on eight×eight board. The sport laws are as follows:-

  • Men transfer one sq. horizontally or vertically forwards or sideways, by no means backwards.
  • King transfer and leap vertically and horizontally any collection of squares, back and forth.
  • Pieces are got rid of from the board straight away after being captured.


  • Turkish variant of Draughts most commonly performed in Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria & Jordan.
  • Three ranges of aggressive AI
  • Two sport modes; unmarried & two participant
  • Undo in-game capacity
  • Non-intrusive advertisements
  • Rewarded video advertisements possibility


The sport is monetized by the use of underneath in-app promoting:

  • Admob banners + interstitial + rewarded video advertisements
  • AppBrain start-up interstitial (income booster because of top eCPM)

Requirements & Reskin

The sport used to be advanced the usage of Java, libGDX and Android Studio. Here are some steps for the re-skinning procedure:-

  1. Import the sport into Android Studio
  2. Replace all of the pictures with your personal graphics
  3. Replace the Admob ids and rename the sport bundle
  4. Build a signed apk and your sport is able to be revealed

Don’t concern, the main points of setup and the re-skinning procedure can also be discovered at the supplied documentation.


You can check out the sport on exact android units by downloading the demo apk document right here.

Thank you!

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