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The Importance of Effective Communication – With Self and With Others

Effective communication is what we are aiming for in all our human interactions. We want to have easy-going discussions, clear instructions given, receive praise and feedback that inspires us and enjoy communications that make us feel happy. Many times though we struggle with the opposite, complain about ineffective communication and suffer their consequences.

Communication is a two-way street between the people involved. Another conversation happens on a continuous basis within you in the thoughts you are having about the situations you encounter. In the following article we want to look at the importance of effective communication in both of those areas.

Communicating with others

We are continuously communicating with others throughout the day. It is a necessity of daily life, if you do not live a hermit life meditating in the mountains. Exchange is a basic human need and without it people suffer, like in detention centers where solitary confinement is a strong punishment.

Effective communication with others is what makes life enjoyable.

Effective communication with others is important because:

– It supports finding solutions

– It enables peaceful contact

– It allows projects to run

– It encourages sharing of opinions

– It makes you feel good and satisfied

– It sustains the connection between the parties involved

– It avoids misunderstandings

– It avoids negative feelings

– It eradicates wars and violence

– It reduces pain and negativity

Communication with yourself

Even when we are not around anyone else, we are still communicating on a continuous basis with our self through our thoughts. We constantly evaluate, judge, criticize, find solutions, remind us of things to do etc. It is this part of our communication that is mainly responsible for how we feel about ourselves, our life, the people around and our surroundings.

Effective communication within yourself is important because:

– It allows you to enjoy yourself

– It helps you put things into perspective

– It enables you to focus on the positive aspects, knowing that there are negative

– It helps you get a clear picture about what is happening

– It makes you a likeable person that people want to be around

– It avoids overly negative, critical or judgmental thinking

– It reduces stress and anxiety

– It makes you feel better about yourself

– It increases your self-acceptance, self-love and self-respect

– It allows you to assert yourself appropriately

Communication with yourself has also been called ‘self-talk’. If you have just been thinking ‘I do not talk to myself’ you have just become aware of your inner self-talk. Ask yourself: What is the current quality of your self-talk? If your friend were to talk to you the way your self-talk speaks to you, would you continue the friendship?

Remember that questions like that improve your self-awareness and therefore your ability to make changes.

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