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SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Review

The Imperial Agent magnificence is the undercover agent of the Empire depending on stealth and crafty to get at the back of enemy strains and take out their goal or recon valued knowledge. This magnificence could be very flexible since you’ll spec for shut vary dps, lengthy vary dps, or therapeutic. The Imperial Agent has a top grade mesh armor that gives coverage whilst taking into consideration fast motions. They use Blaster Rifles, Energy Blades and Sniper Rifles if spec'd for them. The beginning skills for the Imperial Agent are:

  • Rifle Shot- fireplace 2 fast pictures
  • Shiv- Stab the objective along with your power blade for preliminary harm plus 3seconds of sunshine harm
  • Take Cover- Evasion building up
  • Recuperate-Recover Health and Energy over 15 seconds when out of fight
  • Snipe-High harm rifle shot. Only usable when in duvet
  • Laser Target- Increase harm to a goal via 80% for 30 seconds. Must be in duvet to make use of this
  • Weapon Proficiency: Rifle- Able to equip Blaster Rifle
  • Show Cover- Shows all close by duvet spaces

The Imperial Agent magnificence has 2 complicated categories:

Operative- The Operative makes use of Blaster Rifles and Energy Blades and has 2 ability timber to make a choice from. You can make a choice Concealment which can strengthen your stealth and shut ranged assaults for some great burst harm. The different selection is Medic which specializes in therapeutic and protective your allies right through fight.

Sniper- The Sniper makes use of a Sniper Rifle and has 2 ability timber to make a choice from. You can make a choice Marksmanship which can permit you to take out objectives from a perfect distance from the security of canopy. The different selection is Engineering which lets you improve your droids and probes to weaker your opponent.

Both advance categories percentage the Lethality tree which lets you use poisons to debilitate your opponent over the process a combat.

Each magnificence in SWTOR has five partners that lend a hand them with crafting, accumulating, and will come alongside on missions. The Imperial Agents partners are:

Kaliyo Djannis

• Species: feminine Rattataki

• Planet: Hutta

• Role: Ranged DPS

Armor: Medium

• Weapons: Dual Wield Pistols

• Default Kit: Grenade

• Crew Skills: +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Underworld Trading Critical


• Species: Droid

• Planet: Belsavis

• Role: Ranged Tank

• Weapons: Blaster Pistol, Shield Generator

Armor: Heavy

• Default Kit: Shield

Doctor Lokin

• Species: male Human

• Planet: Taris

• Role: Melee Tank

• Armor: Light

• Weapons: Vibrosword and Shield Generator

• Default Kit: Ground Slam

• Crew Skills: +15 Biochem Efficiency, +10 Research Efficiency

Vector Hyllis

• Species: male Human

• Planet: Alderaan

• Role: Melee DPS

Armor: Medium

• Weapon: Vibrostaff

• Default Kit: Ground Slam

• Crew Skills: +five Bioanalysis Efficiency, +five Diplomacy Critical

Ensign Raina Temple

• Species: feminine Human

• Planet: Quesh

• Role: Ranged Healer

Armor: Medium

• Weapons: Pistol and Shield Generator

• Default Kit: Med Pack

• Crew Skills: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Armormech Critical

This offers you a handy guide a rough SWTOR Imperial Agent Class Review so you’ll come to a decision if this persona suits your play taste.

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