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States With No Income Taxes & States With Low Property Taxes

Real Estate Investing & Property Tax Rates

In the United States, belongings tax is classified through native govt on the municipal or county point. The belongings tax evaluation is according to two values–the price of the land, and the price of the development. Since belongings tax is calculated at a local-level–and since adjustments happen frequently–it’s difficult to decide the precise spots the place belongings tax is the bottom. However, the next knowledge will have to mean you can find spaces with prime appreciation AND low belongings taxes.

Which States Have the Lowest Property Tax Rates?

County tax charges are regularly averaged right into a unmarried determine, and this quantity is used when evaluating belongings taxes between states. Surprisingly, Wyoming has the bottom belongings tax charges. Unfortunately, belongings values in Wyoming have a tendency to be lovely depressed, because of low inhabitants inflow and a loss of jobs. Also, Wyoming does no longer rank extremely in terms of appreciation charges for residential and business actual property. Just as a result of a space has low belongings taxes does no longer imply it’ll be the most efficient space to spend money on (or relocate to).

What to Look For When Investing

Look for a space that has a constant charge of actual property appreciation, blended with quite low belongings taxes. Often, native belongings tax charges are low as a result of actual property appreciation within the space is low–so you want to watch out. Cities positioned subsequent to universities and spaces the place companies are relocating are most often superb spots to shop for actual property. Paying consideration to inhabitants expansion assist you to spot actual property tendencies and make wiser investments.

Medium-Sized Cities With the Lowest Property Tax Rates

According to knowledge accrued through the Office of the CFO in Washington, D.C., the next towns have the bottom belongings tax charges in 2006, according to an annual source of revenue of $75,000. Assuming you earn $75,000 yearly, listed below are the valuables tax quantities you can pay in each and every town…

Birmingham AL — $988

Cheyenne WY — $1,108

Phoenix AZ — $1,248

Wichita KS — $1,309

Denver CO — $1,362

Charleston WV — $1,395

Oklahoma City OK — $1,538

Kansas City, MO — $1,595

Little Rock AR — $1,648

Louisville, KY — $1,713

Jacksonville FL — $1,744

Honolulu HI — $1,781

Billings MT — $1,864

Salt Lake City, UT — $1,904

Virginia Beach VA — $1,918

Jackson MS — $1,971

Charlotte, NC — $2,021

Boise, ID — $2,176

Columbia SC — $2,214

Las Vegas NV — $2,225

Sioux Falls SD — $2,228

New Orleans, LA — $2,231

Wilmington DE — $2,416

Memphis TN — $2,501

Albuquerque NM — $2,517

Houston TX — $2,861

The Connection Between State Income Taxes & Property Tax Rates

States with out a source of revenue tax (see listing under) most often have prime belongings tax charges of their respective counties (The state must get its earnings from someplace!). However, the trade-off is that you’re going to have 0 taxes on all earned source of revenue. This is usually a large benefit. Instead of paying the state 7 to 15 % (or extra) of your source of revenue, you’ll be able to stay your hard earned cash, and make investments it again into actual property or different investments. There are lately 9 states that don’t tax source of revenue on the state point.

States With No Income Tax




South Dakota




New Hampshire*


*New Hampshire and Tennessee don’t tax earned source of revenue, however they DO tax capital good points (dividend and hobby source of revenue).

How To Find the Best of Both Worlds: Low Property Tax & No State Income Tax

If you are on the lookout for the most efficient of each worlds (low belongings tax and no state source of revenue tax), you could wish to believe the next towns:

Sioux Falls, SD

Houston, Texas

Jacksonville, Florida

Memphis, TN

Cheyenne, WY

Las Vegas, Nevada

You too can discover much less well known towns within the 9 “no-income-tax” states. Smaller cities and towns normally be offering “quality of life” benefits, and higher-than-average worth appreciation and expansion.


Now which states do not tax source of revenue, and which spaces have the bottom belongings tax charges. Armed with this information, you’ll be able to center of attention on discovering the most efficient spot on your subsequent house or actual property funding.

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