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Medieval Occupations

You’ve almost definitely had some rotten jobs previously, however I will wager none of them have been as unhealthy as the roles from Medieval instances.

Rat Catcher

Not precisely the type of crowd pleasing title to draw new-hires within the Want Ads. However, rat catchers have been if truth be told held in quite prime esteem by means of town-folks. Rats, mice and different vermin have been ceaselessly carriers of many illnesses and afflictions. A rat catcher who may just rid a city of those critters may well be very handsomely rewarded. However, striking himself in unsavory places and risking his personal well being went, as they are saying, with the territory, as he steadily would are available in touch with diseased or rabid animals.

Grave Digger

This box was once a expansion trade throughout the Middle Ages as struggle, famine, and illnesses supplied quite a lot of “raw material” for the gravedigger. Much just like the rat catcher, a hectic digger may just earn moderately a just right source of revenue.


Hmmm, this does not sound like too unhealthy of a task. After all, how exhausting can or not it’s turning in messages. No doubt, you might have heard the time period “don’t kill the messenger”. This more or less will provide you with a clue as to the primary downside with being a messenger. Oftentimes, the delivered message was once now not neatly gained. The messenger was once the fortunate sufferer of this wrath steadily resulting in the loss of life or imprisonment of the unlucky messenger.


The want for gold or silver was once massively essential for many kingdoms so that you can box their armies and increase their territories. While the wages of miners have been above reasonable, they needed to paintings in very unhealthy stipulations. If cave-ins, deadly gases, and collapses were not unhealthy sufficient, a miner would now not see the sunshine of day for 2 to 3 days at a time. They were not particularly professional, however the activity did require a undeniable uncooked resolution to conquer consistent stumbling blocks.

Leech Collector

Leeches have been extensively used for hundreds of years as a clinical support. The pondering was once that the leeches would suck out the unhealthy blood from an unwell individual, leaving handiest the nice blood in the back of. Obviously, leeches needed to be discovered. Enter the leech collector. Easy sufficient activity – simply plow through muddy marsh water and let leeches connect themselves on your legs. When you might have “collected” a enough quantity, go back to dry land and take away them. Ah, there is the rub, as Shakespeare as soon as stated. Not handiest have been the leeches repeatedly sucking blood whilst they have been hooked up, but when now not pulled off correctly, their tooth have been left in the back of, nonetheless embedded within the flesh. This situation ceaselessly result in festering, an infection, and now not every now and then, loss of life. Even if the extraction is completed proper, the sores left in the back of may just simply turn into inflamed. I will be able to see the advert for this activity “Work outside in the fresh air, stroll leisurely through natural water, collecting valuable animals that are used in medical treatment. Will train, no experience needed”.


Even given the roles described above, this can be the worst activity of the Medieval instances. To take away grease and different impurities from freshly woven woolen material, it needed to be positioned in a vat of stale urine after which stomped on for hours (more or less like crushing grapes handiest now not so delightful). Besides the most obvious stench, the fuller needed to be repeatedly alert to be sure that the entire woolen batch was once flippantly handled; if now not, all of the batch was once ruined and the method must get started far and wide. That would in reality make me PO’d if that took place!

Petard Engineer

This activity has a pleasing ring to it – in the end, an engineer is an attractive prestigious occupation. However, being a petard engineer was once now not so glamorous throughout Medieval instances. A petard was once a small bomb used to explode enemy fortifications, comparable to fortress partitions or gates. The engineer’s activity was once to run as temporarily as imaginable warding off enemy arrows, all of the whilst wearing the lit petard that he would sooner or later position subsequent to the fortification (assuming he made it that a ways). If the fuse was once slightly “short” or erroneous, then the petard would detonate sooner than it was once installed position, gently lifting the hapless engineer up into the air for a a lot better view of his setting. Thus the time period “Hoisted with his own petard” is used to explain a state of affairs by which an individual is harmed by means of one’s personal movements.

Treadmill Operator

No, there have been no well being or athletic golf equipment within the Medieval global. Instead, assume of a big hamster wheel hooked up 100 ft or so prime up on a not-yet-finished cathedral. The operator would trudge for hours, turning the large wheel which moved a winch hooked up to a crane which then hoisted development subject matter. In addition to the mundane nature of the activity, it was once additionally unhealthy in that if the entire meeting were poorly built or surprising unhealthy climate hit – the entire tool may just come crashing down. Many instances, blind other folks carried out this paintings since they did not in reality want to see the place they have been treading.

Whipping Boy

Yep, there in reality was once a task referred to as whipping boy. When the prince misbehaved or fell in the back of in his training, handiest the king had the divine proper to manage punishment. But, alas, the king was once ceaselessly away, doing no matter kings do when now not of their castles. So, no king, no punishment for the prince. But any person needed to pay. Enter the whipping boy. Normally, he were raised and trained with the prince since delivery. Often, a bond of friendship evolved between the 2. The pondering was once that since they have been such just right pals, when the whipping boy gained punishment, the prince felt no less than emotional ache for his buddy.

This activity turns out very similar to that of a fireman. A large number of sitting round, ready, and them – bam! – you are at the activity. No phrase on what took place to the whipping boy as soon as the prince turned into king. Maybe he turned into the whipping guy, even supposing that name simply does not in reality rock.

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