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iNove Dofollow For WordPress

Without going into the in's and out's of the nofollow rel tag for remark posting, let's simply say I don’t find it irresistible. So to this finish I changed the iNove theme to take it out. There are two adjustments you’ll make the iNove theme. One is a repair so your can use a "Dofollow" pluging of your selection, and the opposite is a snappy repair within the iNove theme itself.

To make a amendment so to use a "Dofollow" plugin see the stairs under:

With your code editor of selection to find and open "/wp-content/themes/inove/functions.php"

# Look for those strains of code round line 230:
<? php if (get_comment_author_url ()):?> <a identification = "commentauthor- & lt;? php comment_ID ()? & gt;" href = https: //translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c? intensity = 1 & amp; hl = en & amp; ie = UTF8 & amp; prev = _t & amp; rurl = translate.google.com & amp; sl = en & amp; sp = nmt4 & amp; tl = en & amp; u = http: //ezinearticles.com/%253Cpercent3Fphp%2520comment_author_url ()% 2520% 3F% 253E & amp; usg = ALkJrhgg44jZx6Fzb1pEClmKZfY14DFJzQ rel = "external nofollow"> <? php else:?> <span identification = "commentauthor- & lt ;? php comment_ID ()? & gt; "> <? php endif; ?> <? php comment_author (); ?> <? php if (get_comment_author_url ()):?> </ span> </a> <? php else:?> <? php endif; ?> Erase all of the strains above and as a substitute insert the next code: <? Php echo get_comment_author_link (); ?>

Now save and take a look at your paintings. Install your "Dofollow" plugin you will have to see via viewing your websites web page supply that the [rel = "external nofollow">] is now [rel = "external">] or no matter layout your plugin makes use of. The major level is that the "nofollow" is long past.

The fast repair will have to be obtrusive simply backspace and delete the "nofollow" within the code above save the document and take a look at your paintings.

Every weblog is other the stairs above are equipped as some way that can repair a topic there may be certainly not a ensure.

Showing some Love to your remark house via putting off the evil rel = "nofollow" tag gets you extra readers and commenters in your blogs. And will lend a hand put blogs again to the use that they the place met for. So don’t let Google dictate to you what a weblog is. Also in this notice it’s not proper for WordPress builders to dictate to us, the customers of there platform, via striking the nofollow within the code within the first position. If they the place so nofollow satisfied in you might want to via default position a nofollow tag within the blogroll hyperlinks you’ll no longer take a look at it.

My 2 Cents John Sharp

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