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How Was That Web Site Built?

Frequently other people question me to assist them with their internet websites, and once in a while they don’t even understand how their internet web site was once constructed. Was it made in Joomla? Was it made in WordPress? Is it instantly HTML? Is it some fancy CMS? Was it constructed from scratch? Is it hosted on a Linux platform or a Windows platform? I continuously wish to glance moderately via a web site to determine the place to indicate those other people, since I handiest know such a lot of programs (and I don’t care to be informed all of them). What are many ways you’ll be able to take a look at the web site and resolve how the web site was once constructed?

Step one: Look on the supply code

Browsers show the supply code they obtain, and with reference to each browser available in the market permits you to take a look at that supply code. Figure out the way to see the supply code on your browser. Sometimes it is named "Page Source." I these days use Chrome as my number one browser. To get the supply code I click on at the wrench, then cross to Tools, after which cross to View Source. In Firefox, make a selection the View Source merchandise from the View menu. In the model of Explorer on my laptop, View Source is beneath the Page button.

You may have a significantly better likelihood of understanding how the web site was once constructed if the web site is small. Larger websites will likely be tougher.

Step two: Look for keywords

Meta tag generator: Search for the meta tag "generator" and notice if that displays up. Joomla code displays up with Joomla, model quantity, Open Source Content Manager. Wiki programs usually have wiki within the tag someplace. Some variations of WordPress have WordPress and the model quantity on this box.

Look for "Powered by:" Some internet web site developers both put out of your mind to or select not to take off the "Powered by" word at the web site. Search for the word Powered via and notice if that issues you in the correct route.

Look on the URL: Most unix customers have internet pages that lead to .html, while Windows customers use the shortened .htm.

Look for remnants of an HTML editor: While it does now not have the rest to do with Dreamweaver, discovering this code on the very best of the web page has a correlation with web pages in-built Dreamweaver.

EntrancePage likes to depart the phrase EntrancePage within the supply code.

You is not going to at all times have the ability to work out how the web site was once constructed, however you’ll be able to come shut.

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