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How To Make a WordPress Website with a Free Domain Name

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Learn easy methods to make a WordPress web site or any more or less web site and get a loose area as you create it.

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Names Greg and I lend a hand other people such as you learn to use WordPress to make superb blogs and internet sites each day!

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What is WordPress?
WordPress aka WordPress.org which we at all times use is the number one running a blog number of 95% of the internet’s very best bloggers.

Why a Free Domain Name?
Our internet host of selection, HostGator, who I in my view use for all my blogs and consumer websites, gives a loose area whilst you join elementary internet web hosting.

Is This a Free Website?
No. Free internet sites (Like Wix, as an example) are to be have shyed away from as a result of they lock you in and price for products and services you want afterward.

What is The Average Cost of a Website?
To create this WordPress web site prices $three/month. The reasonable price to run a WP web site = price of area and web hosting. The very best two suppliers but even so HostGator are Bluehost (fees kind of $five/month) and GoDaddy (fees kind of $four/month). We have researched the most productive internet hosts and attempted other products and services sooner or later selecting HostGator.

What Can You Do with This Website?
You can do anything else you notice on a WordPress web site with this web site. Take a gander at the internet sites of Beyonce, Forbes, Walt Disney, Time, Snoop Dogg, Zoella and extra to get concepts of what you’ll create too whilst you get started a wordpress web site.

Can I Make Money with a Website?
Yes you’ll and actually you’ll do it in more than one tactics together with however no longer restricted to Google Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, non-public sponsorships, paid posts, paid commercials, and extra.

How Long Does it take to Build a Website?
To create a web site can take weeks however with out information on reasonable it takes a newbie 30 mins to get a WordPress web site up and operating.

Do I Own The Website?
Yes, 100%. You can do and say anything else you wish to have.

What’s Difference Between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?
WordPress.com hosts your whole content material for you and provides you with a elementary pattern of the wordpress products and services. It’s more uncomplicated to get began however you merely cannot do such things as advert plugins, submit commercials, and rank in Google as neatly. You additionally do not personal a WordPress.com web site, then do. WordPress.org used to be created through the similar other people (Automattic) to place the facility for your palms and provide the complete model of WordPress instrument for your personal web site or weblog.

I Already Have a WP.com Website what Should I Do?
You can migrate from wordpress.com to wordpress.org the use of this information we made closing 12 months; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yD3mCjYRoqc

How Can I Rank in Google?
You can begin to rank in Google through putting in place Google Analytics and filing your URL to google. We have a video on that too; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiK44f7zMpg

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