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Gold Guide for – How to

Gold Guide for – How to.


“Gold Guide for – How to – Tips App” is an app who allow you to to create your personal app content material speedy with an amaing subject matter design, for instance you’ll create information for another standard apps like quotes or the information for whatsapp, information for GTA , information for subway and …

Also you’ll create an app to give an explanation for how to do one thing or how to use one thing, in any case you’ll create app for pointers like pointers for health, pointers for …., Really is really easy to use it.


  • Android Studio
  • Support Categories
  • Support Search instrument
  • Support Favorites function
  • Easy to reskin.
  • Material Design.
  • Support RTL
  • Save knowledge in SQLite database.
  • Support HTML Content or Normal textual content.
  • Admob banner, Interstitial and Native advert Integrated.
  • Get startedApp banner, Splach & Interstitial Integrated.
  • Enable or disable Get startedApp
  • Settings process
  • Privacy coverage Tab

gold guide for how to - Gold Guide for - How to

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