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Form Builder (Forms)

Form Builder (Forms).

Create your shape you wish to have the usage of drag-drop capability and retailer submissions.

Draggable Form Builder supplies a very easy to make use of software to create limitless and for end-user bureaucracy.


  • Textbox
  • Textare
  • Email
  • File Input
  • Heading
  • Dropdown (choose)
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox
  • Datepicker


  • .Net MVC Web API
  • Classic website online
  • Sql Server 2012 or upper
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Amazon S3 File Storage (non-compulsory)
  • IIS example (on home windows server)

Customizable shape

form builder forms 1 1 - Form Builder (Forms)


  • Many choices to create your shape
  • Customizable and powerful validation
  • Amazon S3 File Storage Supporting
  • Export all submission as csv report
  • Embeddable bureaucracy



  • Datepicker added

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