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Form Builder by CodingInspect | CodeCanyon

Form Builder by CodingInspect | CodeCanyon.

Quickly and simply, create any form of shape you wish to have. By the usage of shape builder create the shape with any form of fields you wish to have, lead them to require if important and set the customized error message for required fields. As quickly as buyer or visitor post that shape, an e mail is going to admin and save that shape reaction to turn as a report back to admin. Create any form of shape like survey, reservation, promoting, fast touch, give a boost to price tag, refund, sign up product and many others.

Features • Upload and use – no core document amendment calls for. • Manage fields place the usage of drag and drop, select box sort from more than one choices like choose, radio, checkbox, date, time, date & time, e-mail, password, document, and many others. • Create multi-lingual shape fields. • Create HTML e mail template for admin and buyer e mail. • Customize luck web page content material display after shape post. • See record of all shape submissions in admin. • Manage shape fields kind order by Drag & Drop. • Set shape validation error with message. • search engine marketing Friendly URL • All Themes Compatible.

Please see demo

Admin – Demo http://www.codinginspect.com/newsletter/admin/index.php?route=page/page_form Quick Contact – Demo http://www.codinginspect.com/newsletter/index.php?route=page/form&page_form_id=1 Survey – Demo http://www.codinginspect.com/newsletter/index.php?route=page/form&page_form_id=2 Reservation Form – Demo http://www.codinginspect.com/newsletter/index.php?route=page/form&page_form_id=3 Refund Form – Demo http://www.codinginspect.com/newsletter/index.php?route=page/form&page_form_id=4 Any advice or request give a boost to are welcome. Please touch at codinginspect@gmail.com

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