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Excel Tip – How To Insert Blanks Into Every Other Row In Your Excel Data

This is an ordinary query or factor that turns out to get up with Excel customers, (smartly it does for me anyway).

How to insert a clean line in each different row of your knowledge set?. Lots of the answers which are to be had require the consumer to write down some code or macro, which is all excellent, however some customers aren’t happy with VBA. There is a straightforward manner to succeed in the similar lead to Excel with out the requirement to write down VBA. But I will come up with some code to do the similar factor as smartly… if you wish to have it.

OK let’s get some clean rows inserted into our knowledge set. Our knowledge set is about up because the underneath extract.

Date: Week: Day: WeekDay: User

01/06/15 1 1 11 AmyH

02/06/15 1 2 12 JoeP

03/06/15 1 three 13 PeterH

05/05/15 1 five 15 SuseM

First we want to insert a brand new column to the left of the prevailing Column A. (we’re assuming our current knowledge starts in A1), so our knowledge now could be contained in column B via putting a brand new column A.

The subsequent step is to go into the number 1 1 in cellular A1 and spotlight Column A the entire technique to the final row of your knowledge set.

You can hit CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN arrow as soon as to briefly do that. ( Dow this two times to make a choice the entire column together with cells without a knowledge. You are welcome for the additional Excel shortcut tip!.

  • Select the Home Tab – pass to the Edit Group make a choice Fill Series
  • On the Fill Series Hit OK.
  • Column A must now be populated with numbers from 1 to the whole collection of rows to the top of your knowledge set.
  • CTRL+C to replicate the inserted values
  • Go to the following unfastened cellular below your knowledge collection
  • Hit CTRL+V to stick the values
  • Highlight all of the knowledge space, together with the brand new rows with only a quantity showing in Column A
  • Home Tab – Sort and Filter- Smallest To Largest on Column A

Your clean traces will probably be inserted- in a Flash!

You can then simply delete the helper Column A created within the first steps of the method and your process is completed. Excel has used the numbering of rows to permit clean rows to be inserted into the paintings sheet all with none VBA programming.

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