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Download WP All Import Pro Free

Get Scheduled Recurring Imports

Use cron jobs to automatically update an import periodically with new data.

WP All Import can periodically check a URL for a new XML or CSV file.

Update existing posts on your site that have changes to their data in your XML or CSV data file. Delete records from your site that no longer are present in your data. Add records to your site that are newly present in your data. 100% optional and 100% automatic.

You can choose which fields you want WP All Import to update, and leave any manual edits you’ve made alone.

Download WP All Import Pro v3.4.2 Free

No matter how your image URLs are stored in your XML or CSV file WP All Import can import them. The first image URL will be used as the Featured Image. The rest will be imported to the Media Gallery.


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Download WP All Import Pro Free


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