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Download iThemes Sync Free

Get It’s important to keep your WordPress sites updated, both for the security of your site and to take advantage of the latest features and improvements of your themes and plugins.

Updates to WordPress core and any plugins or themes installed on your sites can happen pretty frequently. And if you’re managing multiple WordPress sites, keeping them all updated can take up a lot of your valuable time.

iThemes Sync is an easy way to manage updates for all your WordPress sites from one place. Instead of logging in to each site individually, you have one place to view and install available updates.

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Weekly Notification Emails

Get a weekly summary of available updates for each site as a helpful reminder to log in and update.

Update Logs

View details from all updates made from Sync, including date/time of update, previous version and new version.

Hide Updates

If you’ve made customizations to your themes and plugins, an update could overwrite your work. Choose to ignore updates for specific themes and plugins.

 Download iThemes Sync Free

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