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Download Appthemes HireBee Free

Get HireBee is a freelance marketplace theme for WordPress. Employers post projects and freelancers start the bidding. You setup the pricing plans and take a cut of each project. It’s easy to monetize any niche by providing a crowdsourced project matchmaking service!

Sites like Elance, Freelancer, oDesk, and 99designs and perfect examples of this type of successful model.

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Feature Highlights

  • clean modern 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Clean & Simple Modern Design

    HireBee follows the current trend for a clean and simple modern design. Choose from five built-in color schemes or customize using the WordPress tool.

  • notifications 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free


    Every important action in HireBee triggers a notification that will be immediately visible on the users dashboard and is also sent by email so users are always up to date. Notifications can be managed from the users dashboard.

  • dashboard 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    User Dashboard

    The dashboard is the nerve center for your site’s users – a single page where they have access to all their notifications, projects, proposals, purchases, reviews, contact info, site stats and favorites. Each project is clearly marked with their current status.

  • monetize site 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Monetize Your Site

    Creating a marketplace for employers and freelancers can be a great source of income. With Hirebee, you charge for posting, featuring and mark projects as urgent, and for posting and/or featuring proposals. You can also generate income from traffic with free projects.

  • price plans admin 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Flexible, Powerful Pricing Plans

    Pricing plans give you plenty of ways to generate income. Create multiple pricing plans. Assign plans to categories. Offer featured projects on home page and category pages. Your imagination will be the only limit to the kinds of plans you create.

  • hirebee admin 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Clean & Simple Administration

    We keep things simple so it’s easy to take control of your HireBee site. We include options for everything from the smallest detail to the biggest features. With HireBee, you’re in charge!

  • custom forms1 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Custom Project Form

    We could try to think of all the fields needed for a project form but we would never match every site requirement. Our powerful form builder lets you create your own project form by allowing you to add your own custom fields.

  • share role caps 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Separate or Shared Roles

    Usually employers posts projects, and freelancers apply to projects but sometimes employers can also be freelancers and vice-versa. You can easily give this flexibility to your site users by enabling “Shared Roles Capabilities” so each role share capabilities.

  • workspace 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Participants Workspace

    After a project is assigned to a freelancer, both participants, employer and freelancer, get access to a unique Workspace were they can both manage the project. It acts like the core hub for a project were all the related information can be accessed and managed.

  • favorites 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    User Favorites

    With so many projects available, users need to choose the ones that better fit their skills. Users can mark projects as “favorite” so they can view them in their customer dashboard.

  • easy file upload 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Easy File Uploading

    We like WordPress’s backend media manager UI so much that we’ve changed so it also works on the frontend. This means that file uploads are done using the familiar simply and easy to user WordPress media manager interface. Better yet, you can easily control upload file types, size and limits.

  • credit plans1 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Credit Plans

    Site owners can also monetize on freelancers proposals via “Credit Plans”. These are similar to pricing plans but they use a credit system that enables freelancers to send and/or feature proposals. Credit plans can be set to be sold as single or packs of credits.

  • negotiate terms 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Terms Negotiation

    After an employer chooses a project candidate, it’s important that both parties agree their terms for the project before the official assignment. At this time, employers and freelancers can negotiate with each other until they are both happy or unhappy with each other terms.

  • select candidates 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Choose Candidates

    Employers can easily access their projects proposals from within their dashboard and from there analyze and choose the winning proposal. At this time, the proposal author becomes a candidate to work on the project.

  • saved filters 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Save Filters Widget

    Frequent users should be able to browse through their most relevant projects without going through all the categories and subcategories each time they need to find projects. HireBee provides a simple solution through the use of a widget that allows your registered users to save any filter for later use.

  • search filters 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Fast and Easy Project Matching

    Through skills, category or location type filters your site users can easily find the most relevant projects for their skills.

  • Sem nome 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Post a Project

    Besides the usual title, description, category and sub-category fields, includes budget type, budget currency, location, skills, tags, file uploading and duration (free projects only, paid projects duration is set in the price plan). Additional fields can be added using the custom form builder.

  • Users Settings %E2%80%B9 HireBee %E2%80%94 WordPress 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Credits Perks

    Give something to your users to make them coming back to your site. Perks in HireBee are represented as free credits for freelancers. Site owners can offer free credits for each new registered user. Credits can also be offered each month.

  • escrow ready 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Escrow Ready

    On each agreed project you have the ability to hold the money until work ends. If the project is completed, the money held in escrow minus any site commissions will be automatically transferred to the freelancer. If the project is not completed or it is canceled, employers are automatically refunded.

  • appthemes hooks 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    AppThemes API

    Our API enables developers to customize functionality without having to modify the theme code. It uses action and filter hooks that work the same exact way native WordPress core hooks do. This makes it a breeze to build on top our themes.

  • sidebars galore 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Sidebars Galore

    HireBee comes packed with sidebars that can be used for adding widgets. Different sidebars can be used through most of the site sections, including the ‘Post a Project’ and ‘Apply to Project’ forms.

  • foundation framework 100x100 - Download Appthemes HireBee Free

    Foundation Framework

    Foundation is one of the fastest and best responsive design frameworks out there. It’s easily accessible from any browsers or mobile device and very popular amongst developers and designers by virtue of being so easy to work with.


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Download Appthemes HireBee Free


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