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Doctor Who: The Card Game, Card Game Review

Doctor Who holds the Guinness report for the longest-running science fiction tv display on the planet, airing from 1963 until lately. For the ones unfamiliar with the display (in point of fact inexpusable I would possibly say !!) Doctor Who (or The Doctor) is a humanoid alien, a Time Lord, whose planet has been destroyed and is touring thru area and time with a time gadget referred to as TARDIS, exploring the universe and serving to the helpless. TARDIS seems like a blue British police field, a commonplace sight in Britain all the way through the 60s when the display first seemed. Throughout the years, it has transform a hallmark of the display. Doctor Who has confronted many enemies during the process the display, the oldest and most vital ones being the Daleks, an alien race which sole goal is to wreck all beings not as good as them. Martin Wallace, a well known impartial board recreation dressmaker from UK, undertook the difficult process of recreating the ambience of the display in a moderately easy card recreation. Let's see how the sport measures as much as its theme and the way interesting it is generally as a card recreation.

Game Overview

Although I’m an enormous sci-fi fan, I've observed little or no of the famend display. However as I sat all the way down to play this recreation I had in my thoughts the overall thought of "The Doctor", his time-traveling gadget and the ambience that the sport must have. In my perspective, the truth that I'm now not a hardcore fan of the sport then again solely blind to the theme, makes me extra appropriate to put in writing an goal evaluation of the sport. Let's move during the fundamentals of the sport for starters:

In Doctor Who: The Card Game, gamers take the position of Doctor Who and his partners, seeking to protect places from more than a few enemies however additionally they take the position of the "bad" guys, by means of sending enemies to assault different gamers' places. During each and every in their turns, gamers will give you the option to accomplish numerous movements, which contain taking part in playing cards. There are 4 several types of playing cards within the recreation:

  • Locations. Players should struggle for the keep watch over of their very own places in addition to their fighters'. Each location is value numerous victory issues on the finish of the sport.
  • Defenders. Defenders will probably be used to protect a participant's places. There are if truth be told four defenders, all according to the Doctor Who TV-series, each and every one with their very own protection energy: The Doctor, Amy Pond, Rory and River Song
  • Enemies. Players ship enemies to their fighters places, seeking to achieve keep watch over of them. The enemies are widely known races and monsters from the Doctor Who universe like The Daleks, Cybemen, the Sontarans and Davros. Each enemy has a special assault price.
  • Support playing cards. These are allies, particular devices or occasions that can assist a participant or obstruct his fighters.

At the start of the sport, each and every participant will have to select a colour and get 10 counters of the correct colour (five DALEKS and five TARDIS). Daleks are used to signify that we’ve got positioned an attacking enemy at an fighters' location, while TARDIS are used to turn that we’ve got effectively defended a location of our personal. Each participant additionally positive factors a beginning location which is selected randomly. The participant having the perfect price beginning location turns into the primary participant. All playing cards are shuffled in a face-down pile and five playing cards are dealt to each and every participant with the exception of the participant sitting to the best of the primary participant, who receives handiest two playing cards. There also are thirty time tokens within the recreation, that are set by means of the facet of the draw deck.

Each participant, all the way through his flip, might play as many movements he desires, restricted handiest by means of the truth that on the finish of his flip he will have to give the participant on his proper three playing cards. Extra playing cards is also purchased all the way through a participant's flip the use of time counters, that may be received with numerous techniques. Available movements a participant might do all the way through his flip are:

  • play a location card in entrance of him. He receives numerous time counters as indicated at the card
  • play a number of defenders on a location owned by means of him. The defender playing cards are performed face-down on a location, leaving a part of it uncoovered in order the price of the positioning isn’t hidden. You cannot play two or extra of the similar Defender card on a given location
  • play an enemy card on an fighters' location. In distinction to defenders, on the whole, just one enemy is also put on each and every fighters' location (exceptions do exist). The enemy card is positioned face down close to the positioning underneath assault and the attacking participant places a DALEK counter at the location underneath assault
  • play a improve card
  • discard one or two playing cards to realize a time counter for each and every card discarded
  • purchase playing cards by means of paying 5 time counters for each and every one
  • put a number of playing cards within the reserve. Players might put as much as 2 playing cards within the reserve (face down in entrance of them) so as to use them in a later spherical. The measurement of the reserve might build up the use of positive improve playing cards

There is not any value for taking part in any of the playing cards a participant house owners and gamers can carry out any selection of the above movements. A definite motion may also be carried out greater than as soon as. At any case, the lively participant will have to finally end up with three playing cards which he will have to give to the participant on their proper. At the top of a participant's flip, he attracts 2 playing cards from the availability and places them in his hand. After the primary participant, play continues clockwise as same old.

The maximum attention-grabbing level within the recreation is struggle, which happens every time a defender and an enemy card has been performed at a given location. All defender and enemy playing cards are then disclosed and their energy is when put next. If the defender's overall energy is the same as or more than the attacker's, the defender wins. All attackers and defenders are discarded and the protecting participant places a TARDIS counter at the location card to signify that it’s underneath the Doctor's keep watch over. If the enemy wins, all defenders are discarded and the attacker will have to discard a number of enemy playing cards with overall energy much less or equivalent to the whole energy of the defender.

The recreation ends when a participant has all of his DALEK or TARDIS counters in play or when the Game End card is published (it’s to start with placed on most sensible of the 20 closing playing cards of the draw deck). In the primary case, the sport ends straight away, whilst in the second an "End Game" length begins, all the way through which gamers proceed to take turns however are obliged to take a unmarried motion and they don’t draw playing cards on the finish in their flip. They don’t cross playing cards to the participant on their proper both after all. This length ends when a participant cannot carry out an motion. Then all gamers rely the victory issues on their places that don’t seem to be underneath assault plus the enemy places they have got their DALEK counters on. The participant with probably the most victory issues is the winner.


The recreation's parts are playing cards and tokens. The tokens are same old cardboard ones with not anything particular to be touch upon. The playing cards then again deserve a different point out as they’re all fantastically illustrated with a lot consideration to element. The colours used within the illustrations raise the texture of the sport and all photos are of top element. All playing cards make stronger the theme of the sport and the paintings is so superior that really captures the attention and units a novel environment, particularly the positioning and monster playing cards. Design of the parts leaves in point of fact not anything extra to be desired. nine/10


Usually one has now not many expectancies referring to gameplay in the case of such "small" video games. And after I say "small" I imply having few parts and a brief period, most often referred to as "filler" video games. It is in point of fact a large accomplishment when a recreation dressmaker manages to provide a recreation of sufficient complexity and intensity that may attraction to hardcore players out of so little subject material, whilst additionally protecting the mechanics easy sufficient for extra informal players. From this facet I in finding Doctor Who: The Card Game a unprecedented gem that describes a spot in everybody's recreation library, regardless of if he’s a Doctor Who fan or now not or if he’s an off-the-cuff or hardcore gamer. The recreation begins aggressively proper from the beginning, when everybody's put down his beginning location. The thought of taking part in playing cards totally free, that implies with no need to pay a price as it’s most often achieved in maximum drafting video games, provides a refreshing tone to the gameplay and permits gamers to broaden their technique with extra freedom.

Choices are arduous in each spherical as all the way through each and every flip gamers have five playing cards in hand however will have to hand out to the participant on their proper, three of them. That is the core of the gameplay and the mechanic that provides the sport a strategic facet and intensity that you’re going to all recognize. Which playing cards must you play and which must you cross? The thought of ​​having a reserve could also be attention-grabbing and provides to the intensity, providing you with the chance to set your recreation up the best way you need in long run turns. Another facet of the sport that I appreciated is the best way conflicts are resolved. Enemies and defenders are positioned blindly and are disclosed handiest when each are provide on a given location. Very suave concept that maintains a really feel of suspense, as you by no means in point of fact know in case you have gained a location till the war is resolved. It feels that Martin Wallace has hit the nail at the head with this one, reminding us how proficient he really is! nine/10

Learning Curve

Despite the numerous attention-grabbing mechanics of the sport, regulations are saved easy as they must be for a recreation of this class. The 12-page rulebook may also be learn inside about 10 mins (in truth the principles are handiest nine pages and there are a large number of photos too). At first the mechanics of the sport might appear a little bit peculiar however after taking part in your first recreation, you’ll have all of it found out. 7/10


The recreation's theme is supported in each manner within the recreation. From the intuitive TARDIS and DALEK counters to the characters used as Defenders and Enemies and the improve playing cards. The places all mirror the theme of the sport, some set on earth and others on alien planets. Characters from the latest episodes of the well-known TV display are used because the defenders, whilst the most important enemies of the physician were selected to function the enemies within the recreation. Support playing cards characteristic items utilized by the Doctor over time together with particular characters and occasions that spice up the thematic persona of the sport. During my first play, I repeatedly felt being part of the Doctor Who universe, I used to be utterly attracted to it. The handiest factor that felt a little bit peculiar is the truth that you might be taking part in with the "good" guys on the whole however while you ship enemies to fighters' places, you are taking the position of the "bad" guys. That feels a little bit peculiar, disorientes you and takes again one of the crucial immersion. I believe it might be higher if roles had been extra distinct however that may most likely lead to a complete new recreation. The truth stays that once taking part in for the primary time, it in point of fact made me wish to meet up with the TV display, possibly attempt to in finding one of the crucial older episodes too. nine/10


Doctor Who: The Card Game has sufficient intensity and technique that can be certain that that you’re going to have the need to play it at any given time. It may just for sure act handiest as a filler recreation however as the principle recreation on the desk, with consecutive performs. It's that addictive! eight/10


I in point of fact had a large number of amusing, taking part in Doctor Who. There is sufficient participant interplay thru attacking your fighters places and protecting your individual from assaults and there’s a large number of suspense too as you marvel what enemies / defenders your fighters have put on places. Every facet of the sport seems to be to give a contribution to the joys issue, from the intuitive drafting mechanical to the illustrations at the playing cards and the texture of the theme. Time will cross rapid, with this recreation, as you repeatedly have arduous possible choices to make, never-ending unknown enemies to struggle and keep watch over of the more than a few places will trade again and again all the way through the sport. Pure amusing when you question me! eight/10


  • A Doctor Who recreation
  • Excellent improve of the theme
  • Simple regulations
  • Awesome paintings
  • Gameplay with intensity and technique


  • It feels peculiar to play each because the Doctor and his enemies

Recommended for: Everyone together with hardcore "Doctor Who" fanatics (Whovians)!

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