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Critical Thinking: Does The "MeToo" Movement Show How ‘Privileged’ Women Are?

Shortly after the allegations had been made about Harvey Weinstein, the “#MeToo” hashatag went viral on social media. This gave other folks the danger to talk out concerning the sexual attack and harassment that they’d skilled within the place of job.

In The Beginning

It has been mentioned that the unique objective of this hashatag was once, “to empower women through empathy, especially the experiences of young and vulnerable brown or black women”, and the individual in the back of this was once, Tarana Burke. After this, Alyssa Milano presented her reinforce for this word, together with her encouraging other folks to make use of it if they’d skilled sexual harassment and attack.

This was once additionally observed with the intention to learn how fashionable that is in nowadays’s international. However, as increasingly other folks from all over the place the sector started to make use of this word, its which means progressively modified.

A Watershed Moment

But with that apart, what is apparent is this hashtag has given such a lot of other folks a voice, a vice that they obviously have not had prior to. And when any person’s being has been violated through some other human being, that is precisely what they want.

Their sense of security and safety could have been shattered, and it’s then going to be essential for them to be heard. This can then let them really feel stated and validated, and one thing can then be performed about what has taken position.

Two Parts

Firstly, there may also be what’s going to wish to happen regarding the particular person or individuals who led to them hurt, and, secondly, there may also be the type of psychological and emotional reinforce that any person will want. For instance, if any person has been raped, they could want treatment.

And it could now not topic if this came about quite a lot of years in the past, as their thoughts and frame may just nonetheless be in a traumatised state. If that is the case, it may well be problem for them to take care of their day by day existence.

Reaching Out

Simply positing a hashtag on social media isn’t essentially going to do a lot, and there could also be the danger that they really feel much more susceptible thru telling others about what took place to them. It will then be very important for them to discover a therapist or a healer to paintings with, any person who understands what they have got been thru and who can information them thru this procedure.

What they have got been thru could have had a large have an effect on on them and wearing on as prior to isn’t going to be an possibility. They did not should be handled on this manner and they do not should endure, both.

A Tainted Movement

The bother is that because the which means of this hashtag has modified, it has supposed that it’s getting used willy nilly. So, as an alternative of any person being raped as an grownup or sexually abused as a kid, for example, as an grownup they could have had their leg touched or had intercourse that wasn’t very gratifying.

What this then one does is trivialises the events when any person has in reality suffered. When one thing like this occurs, the one that makes use of this hashtag obviously has a unique purpose to any person who has in truth suffered.

It has been Hijacked

If any person has had their leg touched or their shoulder touched, is that this in point of fact the similar as being raped or sexually abused as a kid? Or having intercourse after which regretting it the day after?

This is one thing that quite a lot of feminists are firmly in the back of, with this being otherwise for them to keep watch over and demonise all males. These are the ladies who like to speak about how ‘privileged’ all males are, whilst utterly overlooking their very own ‘privilege’


In their eyes, all males are dangerous and/or rapists and ladies are oppressed sufferers, who’ve completely no company. Based in this, males are adults however girls are dependent kids who want protective.

What this then does is prevent girls from being chargeable for their very own existence and, if so, then males are responsible. Women are then like angels who’re incapable of doing the rest unsuitable.

The Death of Due Process

Therefore, if a person is accused of harassment or sexual misconduct, he’ll be in charge till confirmed blameless. The truth lady has mentioned that that is what has took place would be the handiest factor that issues.

With one accusation, irrespective of if it is true or now not, a person’s recognition and livelihood may also be utterly destroyed. Would this occur if males had all of the energy, or if we lived in a ‘patriarchy’ and ladies had been ‘oppressed’?

One Big Illusion

One manner of taking a look at this could be to mention that the explanation why those feminists have spent such a lot time feeding into the narrative that males are ‘privilege’, is to cover their very own privilege. Then have then accused the other gender of what which they’re – they’re both now not conscious about this or they’re extraordinarily crafty.

They aren’t enthusiastic about info; they’re handiest enthusiastic about pushing their very own schedule. The handiest knowledge and stories that they’re enthusiastic about is what backs up what they imagine.

Back To Reality

Men aren’t infallible and, imagine it or now not, girls are the similar; now not the entirety that comes out in their mouth is the reality. In the similar manner that males may also be consideration seekers, girls will also be the similar.

Taking this under consideration, it’s transparent that it’s not a good suggestion to imagine guy should be in charge if a lady has accused him of doing one thing unsuitable. And if that is onerous for any person to just accept, they simply wish to take into accounts how loopy it might be to imagine the entirety that got here out of a person’s mouth.


It is straightforward to assault males in nowadays’s international and to tar all of them with the similar brush, but all this does is divide women and men. Perhaps the feminists who’re in the back of this have a large number of war inside of them, short of to make the sector in their very own symbol.

They are then now not going to be utterly happy till all women and men are as depressing as they’re. Fortunately, a in reality empowered lady – a lady who does not understand herself as a sufferer – isn’t going to be enthusiastic about any of this

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