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Contact form new Generation v2 by derkoocy

Contact form new Generation v2 by derkoocy.



This touch form is likely one of the most secure varieties of e mail sending that you’ll be able to combine into your software, it’s entire, accurately evolved, and respects the identified perfect practices with the intention to ensure its repairs and its evolution.

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  • Full ASP.NET MVC with Razor and ViewModel binding
  • Full Ajax name
  • Based on Bootstrap responsive taste
  • You can ship e mail with one or extra hooked up recordsdata
  • Receive a replica of the e-mail despatched
  • Download the e-mail despatched in PDF layout
  • Use of Google’s new reCAPTCHA “I’m not a robot” to offer protection to you from junk mail
  • A versatile jQuery loading overlay web page
  • JQuery Client facet validation
  • Validation for required fields, e mail cope with and selection of characters entered within the message min and max
  • Summary validation form
  • Confirmation e mail message in modal conversation
  • Full code library to ship e mail with System.Net.Mail title area
  • Easy configuration of e mail and SMTP settings within the “web.config” record
  • Source code complete documented
  • Layered construction
  • Clean code with defensive coding idea
  • Turnkey e mail sending form
  • Respect the internet same old

Getting Started

Technology Features

  • ASP.NET MVC four
  • C# language .NET Framework four or above
  • Visual Studio 2012/2013 or above
  • Must have Nuget bundle supervisor put in in Visual Studio if less than VS2017
  • For Visual Studio 2010 you will have to set up MVC4 bundle
  • MS IIS 6/7
  • Rotativa library for changing HTML to PDF

Inside the Project

The undertaking is evolved in layer, it accommodates three layers :

contact form new generation v2 by derkoocy - Contact form new Generation v2 by derkoocy

  • UI Layer: that constitute the ASP.NET MVC undertaking
  • Service layer: that constitute the e-mail sending elegance library
  • Data contract layer: that constitute knowledge transfert object used to go message between layers

Launch the Application

  • Unzip undertaking record
  • With MS Visual Studio, Launch the *.sln record
  • Right-click on ContactUs undertaking and click on on Set as startup undertaking menu
  • Rebuild the answer
  • You will have to configure e mail and SMTP parameters befor take a look at sending e mail, cross to Configuring segment to make


Email Settings

In order to ship e mail to recipient, you will have to set the right kind worth in configuration record :

  • Open Web.config record in ContactUs internet undertaking
  • In appSettings segment set the correcte worth for nameTo and emailTo Keys
  • nameTo key : Set the recipient’s Name
  • emailTo key : Set the recipient’s e mail cope with
     <appSettings>        <!--Email Settings-->        <!--Specify the right kind worth of every key bellow -->        <upload key="nameTo" worth ="Dupont"/>        <upload key="emailTo" worth ="dupont@sample.com"/>        <!--End e mail settings-->    </appSettings>                    

SMTP Settings

Here it’s crucial step, you will have to set SMTP parameters to permit software ship e mail, you’ll be able to use Gmail SMTP carrier thru your Gmail account, click on right here for extra main points.

  • Open Web.config record in ContactUs internet undertaking
  • Go to smtp segment below machine.internet>mailSettings segment
  • host characteristic : Set your host(mail server) title
  • port characteristic : Set host port quantity that permit you ship e mail
  • consumerName characteristic : Set your mail server account/consumerName/login that permit you to to connect with your mail server supplier
  • password characteristic : Set your mail server password that permit you to to connect with your mail server supplier
     <machine.internet>        <mailSettings>            <smtp deliveryMethod="Network">            <community defaultCredentials="false" enableSsl="true" host="smtp.sample.com" port="123" consumerName="contact@sample.comt" password="PASSWORD" />            </smtp>        </mailSettings>    </machine.internet>                    

Captcha Settings

On this model we use the google reCaptcha V2, please confer with this hyperlink for extra main points click on in following hyperlink What is reCAPTCHA?.

  • Register your web page on Google recaptcha and get your two keys : Site Key and Secret Key. Click right here form extra main points
  • Integrate Google reCAPTCHA JS API for your web page
  • Put your Site Key within the HTML, Figure 1
  • Put your Secret Key on internet config record, Figure 2
  • You can Enable or Disable Captcha by atmosphere the price “EnableCaptcha” key worth on internet config record, true to allow captcha and false to disable it. Figure three.
Figure 1
@Html.ValidationMessageFor(m => m.Captcha) </div> </div>
Figure 2
     <upload key="captchaSecretKey" worth="6LffSToUAAAAAESDO6Avf8FD-wJWZA1QUfhYiPcF"/>                    
Figure three
     <upload key="EnableCaptcha" worth="false" />                    



v1.zero it’s the preliminary model of the undertaking


  • Integrate web page loader each Ajax name
  • Fix computer virus : reload touch view after sending e mail with Ajax
  • Fix of teenybopper insects

color skip xcode buildbox template included by tbucko - Contact form new Generation v2 by derkoocy

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