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Wpmudev Plugins

Slide In wordpress plugin

Download Slide In WordPress Plugin Free

Slide In WordPress Plugin Create graceful marketing messages. Grab your visitors’ attention and convert them to your product or service. This plugin allows you to create graceful and eye catching marketing messages that grab your audiences’ attention and convert them to your product or service. Do you have a particular message you don’t want your audience to miss? Would you like …

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In Post Ads Wordpress Plugin

Download In Post Ads WordPress Plugin Free

In Post Ads WordPress Plugin Display ads throughout your site’s posts and customize how often they appear and where. Visitors can be blind to banner and sidebar advertising. In Post Ads solves that problem by inserting unobtrusive ads within the content of your site. In Post Ads is simple to set up and is stacked with features: Choose how many ads to …

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Download Q&A Wordpress Plugin

Download Q&A WordPress Plugin Free

Q&A Plugin allows any WordPress site to have a fully featured questions and answers section – just like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and Quora. With this plugin, you can bring full Questions and Answers functionality to any WordPress or BuddyPress site in mere minutes! Chock-full of features such as: Full front-end capability – users don’t ever have to see your site’s admin back-end …

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Events plus Plugin

Download Events WordPress Plugin Free

Events PLUS Wordpress Plugin Create and manage events. Like Facebook Events or Eventbrite – but with more power and flexibility. This plugin gives you a flexible WordPress-based system for organizing parties, dinners, fundraisers – you name it. Take control of your social calendar without having to rely on a third-party web app and manage your events from the comfort of your WordPress …

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Snapshot Wordpress Plugin

Download Snapshot WordPress Plugin Free

Like Time Machine for your WordPress site, simply take backup snapshots of anything you want (settings, content, files & more) and restore at will – integrates with Dropbox & S3 too. Have you ever wanted to make a quick and easy backup of all of your content, without fiddling with the server or signing up for an expensive backup solution? …

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Wiki Wordpress Plugin

Download Wiki WordPress Plugin Free

Wiki Plugin Turns any WordPress site into a fully functional, easy to use, wiki. You can even create multiple wikis on one site. Wiki is all you need to transform any WordPress site into a powerful, yet easy to use, wiki site with all the core features that MediaWiki has. This elegant, powerful WordPress plugin allows you to easily create as …

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Fundraising Wordpress Plugin

Download Fundraising WordPress Plugin Free

Fundraising Plugin Fundraise, collect donations or kickstart your project idea with this powerful and adaptive plugin, Multisite and BuddyPress ready too! This plugin gives you a flexible WordPress-based system for organizing fundraisers and donations. This plugin gives you full control over your fundraising, from the comfort of your dashboard. It’s everything you’ll need, plus a whole lot more: Integrates with PayPal. Create …

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Autoblog Wordpress Plugin

Download Autoblog WordPress Plugin Free

Autoblog Plugin automatically post content from RSS feeds to different WordPress blogs, Multisite and BuddyPress ready, powerful functionality. This Plugin automatically post content from RSS feeds to different WordPress blogs, Multisite and BuddyPress ready, powerful functionality. This plugin Tried, tested and proven over years of development, this easy-to-use plugin can be set-up in minutes.It just plain works. No coding required, no …

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Chat Wordpress Plugin - Download Chat Wordpress Plugin Free

Download Chat WordPress Plugin Free

Chat is the best stand-alone live chat WordPress plugin by a mile – does absolutely everything you could ask for, and more. Getting live chat on your site has never been so easy. This plugin lets you set up public chat sessions, one-on-one chat session, chat sessions between users on your site, BuddyPress Group chats, BuddyPress Friend chats, and more. Just drop …

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New Blog Templates

Download New Blog Templates WordPress Plugin Free

New Blog Templates Build a complete catalog of templates and dramatically simplify the creation of sites on your WordPress Multisite network. This plugin lets you use existing sites to create a catalog of templates that dramatically improves site creation on your WordPress Multisite network for both you and your users. Perfect for network owners to instantly create new sites populated …

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