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Download ImageResize Theme Free

Download ImageResize Script Free

Get ImageResize can resize any image in any folder on your website with full caching for optimal performance supports gif, jpeg and png images (with transparency) images can be stretched, fitted or cropped uses mod_rewrite to work across any subfolder images don’t need to be moved to a resize folder resized images are cached for efficiency (with automatic cache clearing) fully documented and supported Demo & source …

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Download ByteScrambler Script Free

Download ByteScrambler Script Free

Get With this encoder you can make your PHP scripts unreadable for other people but they will still work the same way on your server. This is handy when you want to give someone a PHP script but you don’t want them to view the source code. Demo & source http://codecanyon.net/item/bytescrambler/79280 Download ByteScrambler Script Free [sociallocker]https://mega.co.nz/#!r9dkXArb!SqTsfL8x5wa_HyxlEIpQv27F_F_rW0FtxdfD1XUy3Yc[/sociallocker]  

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Download Beta Splash Page Email Signup Form Theme Free

Download Beta Splash Page Email Signup Form Script Free

Get This is a very simple, yet stylish, form for your website where visitors can enter their email address (and name if desired) to be added to a contact list. It uses AJAX to submit and validate email and will also function if the user has JavaScript disabled.Installation is quick and painless. This form does not require a database to …

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Download Fancy Countdown Theme Free

Download Fancy Countdown PHP Script Free

Get Fancy Countdown is a highly customizable jQuery plugin that lets you create an outstanding countdown. It´s very easy to use. You can set an own target date with a timezone. The plugin comes with an extensive API. Set it up only in 3 minutes! It´s working on all iToys(iPhone, iPad etc.) and smartphones which support JavaScript!   Demo & source …

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Download Ajax Store Locator Theme Free - Download Ajax Store Locator PHP Script Free

Download Ajax Store Locator PHP Script Free

Get A fully featured Ajax Store Locator that uses Google Maps to find the nearest Store given an address or postcode. Has a password protected admin panel that is used to list all Stores in the database and the ability to add/edit/delete Stores.Updated v2.01 (06/04/11)A few minor bugfixes:Accented characters now workInitial SQL URL now 255 characters not 25 People upgrading …

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Download Quick PayPal Order for theme Free

Download Quick PayPal Order PHP Script Free

Get Quick PayPal Order, which allows you to sell goods online, like PDF documents, ZIP archives, e-books, etc.Easy configuration, where you set filename, price and your PayPal address. When a customer completes his/her order, they’ll receive an email with a unique download link to your product.Very easy, automated & nice looking script, which should be very helpful for you. For …

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Download SatisfyUs Theme Free

Download SatisfyUs PHP Script Free

Get Satisfy Us is a community support and feedback tool, similar to Get Satisfaction.The goal of Satisfy Us is to establish a place where your customers can come to report problems directly to you, give you ideas, ask questions, and, importantly, give you praise for doing a great job!Users can sign up and contribute their thoughts on you or your …

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Download Tastydir an AJAX file manager Theme Free

Download Tastydir an AJAX file manager Free

Get Tastydir is a cross-platform PHP file management system which allows you to not only replace your traditional FTP client but also allow your users to view directories in a much more aesthetically pleasing way. Features view files in a directory (with easy breadcrumb navigation) edit and rename files and folders create files and folders erase files and folders copy files …

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Download AudioBox Music Player theme Free

Download Audio Box Music Player PHP SCRIPT

Get Audio Box Music Player PHP SCRIPT Uses audio tag with flash fallback (ensures functionality in older browsers) Uses local storage to keep a “favorites” playlist Entire app is imageless (CSS3) Pulls metadata (including album cover) from music files List view and tile view (using album covers) Due to html5 restrictions, this player requires both mp3 and ogg files for each …

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Download Easy Comment System theme Free

Download Easy Comment System PHP Scripts Free

Get “Dynamic comments” is a jQuery/PHP plugin that allows webmasters to easily integrate an ajax comment system in their websites. The file Does not require a mysql Database How it works The script detects the full url of the webpage and saves the comments to a file associated to that url. Ex: You can use it if you’re using a video …

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