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Beginning Website Design With HTML (Part 1)

I’m starting a chain of tutorials on HTML, the language that makes web sites imaginable. This is the primary a part of my collection. Enjoy, and go away any questions within the feedback!

What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Language

Ok, now we now have were given that out of the best way. The very first thing you wish to have to grasp is learn how to make an HTML report. Easy!

If you’re on Windows, move to Start > Accessories > Notepad. Open Notepad, then click on File > Save As… and kind a reputation to reserve it as (e.g web site). At the top of the title come with the extension.html so the title seems like web site.html. Now, click on the Save As Type dropdown menu and make a selection “All files”. Then save.

If you’re on a Mac, use TextEdit. Open it by way of both looking out it in Spotlight, or going to Finder > Applications > TextEdit. Open it, move to Preferences and make it Plain Text as a substitute of Rich Text. Go to File > Save As…, sort a reputation, and make a selection Web Page (.html) from the File Format dropdown.

That’s all there may be to it! Your report is now in a position to be made right into a web site! To view it within the browser (even if there may be lately not anything to view), simply right-click the report, open together with your favourite browser.

Ok, now onto the coding! First off: In HTML, the whole lot is made up of tags. Tags encompass and the whole lot in between. For instance, the outlet tag for an HTML report is. The ultimate tag is similar, with the exception of it has a ahead slash in entrance of the phrase:. You all the time start and finish HTML paperwork with the outlet and shutting tags. Now, between the ones tags, put within the head tag. It’s the similar because the html tag, with the exception of with the phrase “head” as a substitute of “html”:

The head of your web site is the place you’re going to put your web sites name, and any recordsdata your web site calls for to run. We gets into maximum of that later; for now, let’s simply put within the name. Insert the name tag (I am hoping you may have discovered how to try this by way of now) and shut it.

Now, between the name tags, upload a name on your web site e.g: My First Website

Now for the content material. Beneath the ultimate head tag, make the frame tag, opening and shutting:. The frame of your web page is the place the entire content material that individuals see is going (the name simplest seems within the title-bar of browsers).

If you need to insert textual content into the frame, use the paragraph tag together with your textual content between the outlet and shutting tag.

Save your paintings, and look at the web page the best way I discussed above.

To upload textual content underneath that paragraph, merely upload the paragraph tags once more, in conjunction with the textual content within.

That’s thinking about these days’s educational. By now you must understand how to: Create an HTML report, upload the web page name, and upload easy text-content. Come again to look our subsequent tutorials!

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