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6G Pipe Welder Rigs: What Kind Of Welder Do Pipeline Welders Use?

How may just a welder made in 1939 be out on a pipeline lately?

You might suppose that 6G welder is welding the ones pipe joints up with some fancy pc managed welding device, and you would be unsuitable usually. Good previous type stick welding like nice grandpa did in World War ll remains to be the dominant procedure. Yes, the brand new pipe welding machines have digital controls and different fancy stuff, and they’ve aluminum windings – and certain, they’re out at the pipeline – most commonly Lincoln logo, and the remaining are Miller. However, on maximum pipelines those are stick welding machines.

It is imaginable that you’ll be able to discover a device that pre-dates WW ll out on a pipeline in 2012. Why and why stick? Stick is straightforward to move, arrange, and it’s tricky. Stick welders can weld in a breeze. Other welding processes use a shielding fuel, so they are able to’t weld in any wind. Stick welders do not wreck down a lot – they’re so easy. Stick is an especially robust procedure.

What concerning the machines?

Although there are some beautiful snazzy fashionable stick welders out at the pipeline, you’ll be able to additionally to find the Lincoln SA200 Pipeliner. You’ll see some made within the 60s and 50s, and as soon as in a super whilst, way back to 1939. Why? The Pipeliner SA200 welders are nice machines. Heavy copper windings make for a clean arc. They are constructed like a brick porta-potty, so that they run and run.

Modern machines are made with aluminum windings. As the windings get heat resistance will increase, so the device should be adjusted. When the welder takes a wreck and is derived again, they should be adjusted once more. An previous SA200 with copper windings does not have this drawback, so it welds at the identical atmosphere all day lengthy, it doesn’t matter what – they all the time weld like butter.


The global of Lincoln SA200 welders is a fascinating one. Lincoln wound a few of them within the 1970s with aluminum, however went again to copper with the Pipeliner Classic Series ll. Stay clear of aluminum if you will get a Pipeliner.

Later fashion Classic gadgets are diesel. The top price of gasoline makes this subject. IF you might be operating a rig 12 hours an afternoon, diesel could make a large price distinction as a result of diesel price much less to function. However, a fuel fashion might be more economical to shop for.

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